Wolcott Farms Offers Farm LeasesYou pay one low monthly lease fee — and we pay all stabling costs, including feed, hay, shavings, veterinary and farrier care. We usually require a 6-month lease period, which includes a 30-day trial.

QUARTER LEASE: For $150 a month, you may ride one day per week.

HALF LEASE: Half-leasing for $200 per month gives you a horse of your own two to three days each week.

FULL LEASE:  For $400 per month, you will have exclusive use of the horse.

To keep our horses safe and sound, we do restrict rides to no more than two hours so that our horses have time to re-cooperate after being ridden

Why leasing a horse might be right for you:

Owning a horse is a huge commitment of time and money. We think it’s smart to lease a horse before you buy to make sure that you’re ready for that commitment. Leasing allows you to try the horsey lifestyle to see if it fits:

  • Leasing is a short-term commitment.
  • Leasing is far less expensive than owning a horse.
  • You can ease into the demands of a horsekeeping schedule.
  • You can learn on-the-job by working side-by-side with Tina.
  • Leasing allows parents to evaluate a child’s commitment to riding and horse care.
  • Ending a lease is easier and much less traumatic than having to sell a horse that you no longer want.

For more information on leasing one of our horses, please call us at 585-786-3504.


Horses for Lease


Horses for Lease


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