Onyx with owner

Onyx & Family

When her trainer was preparing to move away, my 12 year old daughter was heartbroken. She had fallen in love with the horse she had ridden for the last year, but he too was moving. Horses are my daughter’s love language. I watched her transition from a timid beginner into a confident intermediate rider. I couldn’t bear to see it end. I had always told her we wouldn’t own a horse before she was 16, but I knew it was time. I’m so thankful that Bryttany and the folks at Wolcott Farms knew just the horse for us! Onyx won my girl over quickly and has taken such good care of her! They are an inspiring team. I could not have hoped for more! I can’t help but smile when my 4’7” girl calls this handsome 14.2H equine her “baby boy.” Onyx is beyond tolerant of my overactive 5 year old son as well. I hesitate to describe any horse as “bombproof”, but this one didn’t blink an eye when my son popped up out of the third barrel (or rolled around in it) while his sister ran patterns. We can’t thank the Wolcott Farms family enough for connecting us with the well trained, even tempered, beautiful creature.

John Bernardi

Susan & John Bernardi

Thank you, thank you Tina for a wonderful and memorable sleigh ride experience! The weather was perfect for the ride and the day was made extra special because of you, Dayton, Doc and the two kitties.

Markie Kane

Bobbie Kane

I first met Tina about a year ago.  Dead of winter and I was looking for someone to teach me how to drive.  I had, at the time, a 2 and 1/2 year old Shire mare with some ground manners.  If she was going to drive, I had to learn first.  Tina, with infinite patience and wonderful instruction (and well trained horses), had me very confident within a couple of months, even with the weather.  We worked on trails and roads with traffic.  Additionally, she also showed me what work to do with my young horse to get her ready (yes, homework, but wonderful advice).  When I had exhausted my patience and ability, Tina also helped by taking Marque in for about 6 weeks.  During that time, Tina (and Dayton) worked with Marque and she came back from basic training, driving, able to ride, and with the best ground manners.  Tina also sent homework to keep her progressing into the best horse.  A year from the start and I have a wonderful 3 and 1/2 year old who is doing everything asked of her and a pure joy.  Sometimes still a silly young horse, but almost perfect. You could not ask for a better trainer or teacher!  I am still taking instruction from Tina.  Now I want to ride Marque and we are making great progress (me, the horse is wonderful).

Bonita Reid

Bonita Reid

Tina trains her horses in a sensible manner using a firm no nonsense manner that lays the perfect groundwork for whatever you want to do. She has no qualms about training the rider too! I highly recommend you check out Tina’s horses if you are looking for a good all around horse with a great foundation.