Activities & Attractions

Wolcott Farms is close to Letchworth State Park
View the scenery from Letchworth State Park!! Visit Letchworth State Park “The Grand Canyon of the East” is worth the visit all year round. Just a short drive from or to Wolcott Farms and our Pure Maple Products. It is just 18 miles from stable to the Castile entrance (south end of park), near the Glen Iris. A very nice one day road trip. You can visit Wolcott Farms then spend the rest of the day at Letchworth State Park or put us at the end of your day for a memorable evening sunset ride.

Enjoy lunch or dinner at the Glen Iris Inn, viewing the beautiful falls!

Wolcott Farms is minutes away from Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure:“Where your imagination can run WILD!” Hidden Valley has an animal park, beautiful lodge, and Trailside Grill. Hidden Valley is located 2887 Royce Rd. Varysburg, Ny 14167 or call at 585-535-4100. Hidden Valley is just 6.7 miles from Wolcott Farms.

Adventure Calls Rafting offers western New York’s Premier River Runners within Letchworth State Park.

Champagne Balloon Flights also available within the park (sunrise or sunset rides). Wow hot air balloon ride how much better can it get!

Great year round fun for the entire family. All within a short distance of each other!